About SRS (Our Team)

SRS is a supplement that has been a long time in the making. After years of trying to combat stress, Ed, the owner decided to bring his idea of a product that brings together key natural ingredients to combat stress in modern life. 

Teaming with our experts to ensure everything was verified and based around the latest scientific research into stress busters, SRS was born! 

Staring at a screen, dealing with deadlines and even social demands can all sometimes be too much. Stress is also something that can be dangerous, and he knows that first hand. And whilst there are a ton of good techniques to manage stress, SRS filled a hole in that it offered a simple way to bolster everything else you can do. And help reduce daily stress, while being time effective and healthy. 

With a lot of products either overcharging with their price, or under delivering with their effects, SRS is the crown jewel of all stress reduction supplements. 

Living with stress is like living on a knife edge, and triggers for anxiety, sleeplessness and panics can occur at any point in the day.

Ed knows all this too well. And SRS is a way for everyone (himself included) to help blunt that knife, and deal with modern life's stresses in a far more calm and approached manner, every single day. 

If you are battling with stress, then please remember, talk to someone! 


Ed has been working within fitness for over a decade, and has spent much of this time between gyms and nutritional companies. SRS was a project close to Eds heart, and in 2019 he put a pen to paper and decide to create a product that would manage his own stress levels. 


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The wife of Ed, Ellie is a practicing Yoga Teacher and well versed in stress management and mindfulness. Using Ellies expertise SRS can provide solid guidance on the management of stress and associated conditions as well as help you each time you do a yoga floooow.