The SRS Experts and Authors - Fact Checking Policy

At SRS we don't believe anything should be left to chance when it comes to supplements. So, we make sure that everything you'll find on this site has been fact checked and verified by experts. 

Everything you'll read is based on scientific research, and that copy has also had it's claims checked again against research by Drs and researchers. Meaning you can stress less about what your reading. Our experts also contribute and are authors for the content you read.

Here's the team who verify and fact checked everything on the Stress Reduction Supplement website:

Hello, I'm Dr Daniel Wasser, MD. SRS has been verified for medical accuracy by me! I'm a graduate of Cornell University where I earned my undergraduate degree and Tel Aviv University where I earned my medical degree. I have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry where I've worked across a wide variety of leading prescription medications with a focus on psychiatry and stress relief!



Dr Alfredo Higueras herbada
Hey, I’m Dr Alfredo Higueras Herbada :) I have a PhD in Sports Psychology. During my research career I gained experience with both theoretical driven research with practical implications and laboratory experimental studies in the field of sport performance and, crucially, with psychology. 
I also have been delivering bachelor level courses and enjoy creating, sharing and discussing educational materials based around human psychology and it’s physiological impact. 
I spend part of my free time reading the last developments in my field and attending online courses on the most recent paradigms. Finally, I myself, am passionate about sports. I have practiced multiple sports where I try to apply and update my scientific knowledge and share it with the wider world.