• Reduce stress and anxiety

    SRS designed to provide you with a supplement that have been shown scientifically to reduce the level of stress we experience every day. Many of us experience stress at work, home, and even when we are trying to relax. SRS can help in managing that stress in a safe and effective way.

  • Calm your mind

    By cultivating clarity of mind and relaxation of body, SRS helps prevent the unwanted side effects commonly associated with stress, such as anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

  • Fall in love with sleep again

    Sleep is fundamental. All of your body's natural resistances and immunities improve with sleep. Improving the quality and the quantity of sleep that your body gets is one of the main goals of SRS.

  • Improve moode, motivation and focus

    With all of the stimulation our modern minds are exposed to every day, the average human has less attention span than ever. In order to thrive, we must work tirelessly to improve both our productivity and our motivation, SRS will naturally improve your ability to be productive.

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Expertly Formulated with SRS Care

Each ingredient in SRS has been checked to ensure it provides the highest chances of anti anxiety and stress reducing effects.

We reviewed scientific papers and combined real world knowledge to ensure each capsule is a big step into helping you cut unwanted stress and get on with life...

SRS Expertise

Hello, I'm Dr Daniel Wasser, MD. SRS -The Stress Reduction Supplement claims have been verified for medical accuracy by me! I'm a graduate of Cornell University where I earned my undergraduate degree and Tel Aviv University where I earned my medical degree. I have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry where I've worked across a wide variety of leading prescription medications with a focus on psychiatry and stress relief!

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Is SRS right for you?

SRS is simply here to help anyone who will benefit from less stress and the effects attributed with stress. Don't be scared because we're a supplement, we're natural and we're effective!

SRS will help manage you better manage your workload. Allowing your mind to focus on what matters in an organised, calm and effective way. Think of us as a natural way to increase the ROI of your beautiful brain...

Reduce the stress of upcoming competitions and events. SRS will alow you to lock on to your training, and manage your mind in a calm and collected way that'll lead to gold.

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Describe what sets your brand apart from your competitors.

  • James B.

    "I can't express how well I sleep even days after taking SRS. Not only that waking up felt great, and i was more on task than I've been for a long time. I wasn't keen on supplements for stress, but this is just all natural ingredients and given me no issues at all. Already on my third bottle! Thank you SRS :)"

  • Ellie

    "Hello! I suffer with stress and anxiety with some days being very hard. Especially as a teacher and leading a busy life it can get on top of me. SRS has helped me manage myself so much better, even my friends and family and kids have noticed a difference"

  • Dina G.

    "I lost a spring in my step for personal reasons. As a medical professional i knew some natural products worked for stress so did a lot of research into them. I'm so glad I found SRS. My order came quickly and i started straight away."

  • Marc B.

    "Just do it. I see first hand what stress does to staff who don't look after their nutrition. SRS is a product I recommend to all staff and friends to help manage their stress when everyone leads such busy lives!!! Ive been using it for 5 months now and have felt amazing effects on my focus and attention. As well as my ability to manage emotions at work."