The Stress Reduction Supplement

Naturally Eradicate Your Stress and Anxiety

A gentle research based solution to calming your mind, focusing your thoughts and feeling better. Checked by two leading doctors.
It's time to stress less. We're SRS :)
  • Reduce Daily Stress

    SRS designed to provide you with a supplement that have been shown scientifically to reduce the level of stress we experience every day. Many of us experience stress at work, home, and even when we are trying to relax. SRS can help in managing that stress in a safe and effective way.

  • Calm Your Mind

    By cultivating clarity of mind and relaxation of body, SRS helps prevent the unwanted side effects commonly associated with stress, such as anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

  • Sleep Better

    Sleep is fundamental. All of your body's natural resistances and immunities improve with sleep. Improving the quality and the quantity of sleep that your body gets is one of the main goals of SRS.

  • Focus Yourself

    With all of the stimulation our modern minds are exposed to every day, the average human has less attention span than ever. In order to thrive, we must work tirelessly to improve both our productivity and our motivation, SRS will naturally improve your ability to be productive.

Is SRS right for you?

Don't stress, the SRS formula is natural. Meaning it can be safely supplemented by anyone. Even if you don't have stress, you'll find it has an ability to calm your mind and bring about focus.

SRS about keeping you stress free...

  • Made in the USA

    Each capsule is carefully created using naturally occurring ingredients free of side effects in a cGMP approved facility. Our ingredients are of the highest standard, and we know because we use SRS too!

  • Supported by Science

    We're not some dangerous pharmaceutical, but an expertly formulated nutritional weapon to use on stress! Each ingredient is backed by 2 or more scientific studies!


    Each bottle comes with 90 vegetarian capsules and is filled with ingredients found in natural foods. Just at higher doses!

Happy people :)

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Expertly Formulated with SRS Care

(Srsly Nerdy section coming up....)

Each ingredient in SRS has been checked to ensure it provides the highest chances of anti anxiety and stress reducing effects. We reviewed scientific papers and combined real world knowledge to ensure each capsule is a big step into helping you cut unwanted stress and get on with life...

Stress reduction supplement back of bottle

SRS: Start stressing!

But wait...why don't I just get this from a normal diet?!

And other FAQ's :)

What can SRS actually do for me?

SRS will give your body supported doses of key ingredients you won't get from a normal diet. Helping to balance your brain chemistry and causing you to stress less. We only use ingredients that are natural to your brain chemistry, which is why we are a great alternative for many people.

Does SRS work?

In short, yes. Each ingredient is designed to help optimize your brain and help it reduce stress hormones, whilst improving feels of calm and focus. Stress busting effects can occur within a day or two.Remember though, if you're experiencing symptoms you believe go beyond simple day to day stress, talk to someone!

Can I use this every day?

We've formulated SRS so it can be safely supplemented every day, for as long as you need. Some of our 'high flyers' use it to help boost work performance and productivity, and have been for months!

Is SRS safe for me?

As long as you're 18+. Then SRS is safe male, female, transgender, gender neutral, non-binary, agender, pangender and everyone else!

How fast does SRS work?

Some elements in our formula set to work immediately, others will take a few days. Rest assured, you'll be feeling less stress pretty quick!

Is shipping free? Do you auto ship?

We take the stress out of ordering, the price you see is the price you pay. Shipping and taxes included. We also don't auto ship or charge you until you order your second bottle.

Will I get side effects?

We've had zero reported unwanted side effects from SRS supplements. We take your health as seriously as our own. And we use SRS!

Dr Daniel Wasser

SRS Page Verified and Fact Checked by Dr Daniel Wasser

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